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I Guess You've Wondered Where I've Been...

We can definitely say that 2020 has started off crazy. All of our plans and intentions have been put to a halt. We are dealing with a global pandemic. And the social injustices for black lives are being brought to the forefront of every topic in households all over the world. That is where I have been. My personal content has been halted as I take time to mentally digest all of the frustration and anger that I have constantly expressed for years, is finally being seen. I have been unmotivated to do things that make me happy and bring me joy. How many of you have been feeling that way too?

I will continue to be loud and do my duty to convey the messages that are lost among marginalized groups. I will continue to shout even though my cries are drowned out by my white counterparts, who will always be seen before me. I will fight for visibility even though I constantly struggle with the societal norms that push me to the back.

Understand that Black Lives Matter. All lives can't matter until Black Lives Matter.

I appreciate the support and love.

So stay tuned... I will be back


Your Favorite Fat Girl


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