We have the power to change the perception with showcasing all the beauty in a word that people fear

Vallejo, CA, January 16, 2017– Saucye West presents a campaign that is showcasing fat, proud and beautiful women. What is different? She is telling women that once you embrace and love your body that will give you true freedom. She expresses that fat women are often kept in a box. Often told what they shouldn’t wear, what they shouldn’t eat. Even express fears of going outside and showing their arms!

“It’s time for us to be limitless in the way we view ourselves. If we see no boundaries we will be free to flourish and love ourselves without apologizing for it”- Saucye West

The campaign started on New Year’s Day, photos with women toasting and celebrating. Instead of giving resolutions for the New Year, they made a pledge to live fat and free for 2017!

Since then women have started using the hashtag on social media, showing the world they are living in and loving their bodies.
There will be #FATANDFREE events throughout the year along with photoshoots. So that this can become a mantra for women. And begin to heal and create self-love that will last far beyond 2017. It will become a way of life.

“Fat women need to honor themselves without the limitations that society has set for us. To truly love who you are sets yourself up for a beautiful life. And most importantly desirability.”

Saucye West is an extended plus size model from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also a fat activist and body positive influencer. She has tested the boundaries of plus modeling by being one of the largest plus models in the industry right now at a size 30.

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