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What is the goal?

  • For plus size brands to be held accountable for blatantly ignoring the needs of the plus size consumer.

  • Brands to present actionable proof that they will expand sizes. No more “we’re working on it”!

  • Brands to begin to create clothing and size charts that have more continuity. No more 5x=a size 22! Use sizing charts from true plus size stores as a bench mark and work from that so we don’t have to struggle when we shop.

  • Show more body diversity on their social media! We want to see more than just hourglass bodies. We want to see people who look like us!

  • Brands need to start hiring fit models of all size ranges to ensure proper fit for the consumer.

  • For fat bodies, internationally, to have access to brands that are inclusive without being penalized and overpaying for shipping costs.

  • To make sure that brands do not charge super fats and infinifats extra for extended sizes. The fabric cost excuse has been proven wrong. We should not be penalized for wanting fashion. Accessibility is our right!

Ways to support the boycott

  • Boycott plus size brands that stop at 3x/4x. Do not buy! Make these brands begin to feel it financially!

  • Spend your money with truly inclusive brands and designers.

  • Comment under these brands socials asking “When will you expand sizing?” or “Will this line go beyond a 3x/4x?” and use the hashtag #fightforinclusivity.

  •  Hold influencers and creators accountable. We have supported them. Now it’s time for them to support us!

  • Write emails to the brands on the boycott list and demand size expansion.

It’s time to take a stand
We have to stop being afraid and stand up for what is right! We deserve to get the same options as smaller fat bodies do!

The consumer is the real influencer! It’s time to let this industry know that we are tired of not being considered! We are not a liability we are valid!

Message to brands on the boycott list
For the brands that are on the boycott list, this does not mean that the community is giving up on you. This means that we just want to see change. We see proof that growth is possible. We see big budgets for shoots, campaigns and collaborations. But we cannot get size and visibility inclusion.During this campaign and call to action, if any brand on the boycott list does a turn around they will be removed and publicly acknowledged for the progression of this movement and we will support. We appreciate you all, now let’s do the work!

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