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Vallejo, CA, July 4, 2021– Saucye West is challenging the consumer to take their power back and is asking buyers to boycott a group of popular plus size brands. #FIGHTFORINCLUSIVITY is a revolution that centers the need for fashion for bodies beyond a 4x.

“We deserve the same options that smaller plus size bodies have access to. It is discrimination and it is time that we take a stand!”, says West. “If these brands begin to feel it in their pockets then they will have no choice. We have to begin to stand up for ourselves.”


This is a call to action for consumers not to shop with brands retailers and designers that do not offer clothing past a size 3x/4x and to support brands and indie designers that are truly inclusive. She also is asking people to write emails and spam social media with the hashtag and not be afraid to ask questions. “I have been a victim of silencing when it comes to going on social media and asking questions. I have been blocked by brands and comments have been deleted, when all I want is what they are offering just in my size.” Saucye says.


She also is asking people who are in the range of accessibility to help as well. “If you are a 1x, 2x, 3x, use your power! You are often centered and visible in this market. We need you to fight with us, or this discrimination will continue!”


Saucye regularly calls out brands and ask the question, Will this come in sizes larger than 4x? “We get bombarded with ads and sponsored content that lead us to buy but we are not able to fit the clothes!” 


What is the end result she is hoping for?

For brands to offer fashions in extended plus sizes through their website and not just in selected styles

For brands to show actionable proof that this is something they are working on.

For brands to start showing visibly fat models and people of color on their socials as well as their websites. We want to see more than just hourglass bodies. 

For brands to begin to have a baseline size chart so that the consumer can have a better shopping experience and not have to play guessing games when shopping. 


“The consumer is the real influencer! It's time to let this industry know that we are tired of not being considered! We are not a liability we are valid!”


Saucye West is an extended plus size model from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also a fat activist and fat positive influencer. She has tested the boundaries of plus modeling by being one of the largest plus models in the industry right now at a size 30. As well as the first 400lb runway model

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